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about 10% fulfilled so far

A lot of you got your store credit orders in. In fact there were about 200 orders in the last week. Much faster than expected! So far, we’ve gotten about 10% packed and shipped. The new labelmaker is working great. Yesterday I took the packages to be hand-scanned at the post office and the scanner worked on all of them.

I’ve been trying to fill them in order, but some involve backordered items and items that need to be made on-site. At this point, orders that contain backordered items (particularly the SainSmart items), I’m splitting into multiple shipments so they can get out. Since I haven’t put the order into SainSmart yet, and it may take several weeks after that for it to arrive. I also decided to wait for a few more days to put in an Adafruit restock order, so I can go through the rest of the current orders and make sure I get what is needed for those.

Fortunately, progress on lasercutting. I was able to move one of the laser cutters into my house over the weekend, which has greatly facilitated getting things done. Though, being 39 weeks pregnant, the moving/garage cleaning/office conversion turned into a whole-day effort, which took away from packing/shipping. A necessary time expenditure to making things go faster in the future.

I attached a picture of this morning’s shipments. Phew! And will continue packing during the day. Some of today’s exciting destinations: Greece, Croatia and Germany. I wish the products could send back digital postcards from their travels 🙂


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