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New Product – NeoCandy

Gadgetcat has reimagined the ever-popular NeoPixel in a new, tasty form factor!  Like its cousin the NeoPixel, the NeoCandy comes in a variety of appealing colors and a convenient size.

NeoCandy goes well with Maker Fuel –  Bawls or Cherry Bawls is recommended.

Notes: While the NeoCandy is much tastier than NeoPixels, the brightness depends on ambient lighting, and color of each is constant. However, apply enough power and you can make just about anything light up.







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New – we designed a PiTFT case!

We got a bunch of the new PiTFT screens, and attached one to our Raspberry Pi B… and the screen fell over.  One even cracked 🙁  It really needs a case. So… we made one! This is a great little enclosure. It is based on the Adafruit open-source case, and has an opening for the screen. It covers just the edge, and holds the screen securely in place without sliding, or touching other parts of the Pi internally which could potentially cause shorts. We hope it’s as helpful for you as it’s been for us!

Screen Image 2Case Shot 1Case Shot 2Screen Image 4

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Improving website (slowly! )

You may have noticed we started adding some product to the website. Thanks to some help from our friends at FamiLAB and the Orlando area, we did a thorough inventory of what’s in stock. Also figured out how to have special pricing on the website. Soon people will be able to find out what we have in stock, and their pricing, without having to email us personally.

So far it’s working well, people are already successfully placing orders through the web interface. This will help us to streamline the ordering process for you.