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Baby has arrived!

Thank you to those who sent well wishes for the new baby!

So far it’s been a bit over two weeks since she was born. She is doing well, was 9lbs 7oz at birth. Pretty large considering it’s my first. But both my husband and I are tall. It seems she got the tall genes as well. She lost 9 oz in her first 4 days which was borderline too much weight lost, but since then she has gained it all back plus a pound. Doctor says she is doing well.

Shipping/orders: I have been attempting to catch up with the orders. Currently the backlog is down to 268. It was challenging to make sure the baby was getting fed, while trying to catch up on the orders, as well as several other part-time jobs that are paying the bills. Initially I was working while the baby napped. This was a bad idea because when she woke up it was too late to sleep, and when I don’t sleep I start making mistakes. So I had to cut down a bit on how much I was getting done. I estimate I got 50 packages out in the last 2 weeks. Definitely not adequate for the backlog. So my husband took a day off and watched the baby today while I packed orders. I will need to look into a babysitter. Hopefully I can get someone to come to the house while I am there. My in-laws have been helping with that, and Harold actually made the drive over to help pack stuff one day.

Backorder status: I’ve gone through the first 90 Raspberry Pi V2s. I have an order in for 100 more, which just covers the current backorders as of 10/5.

When I placed the order (on 10/5), the company said they were getting more in the next day, 10/6, but then the next day my expected ship date was listed as 11/12 :/ This is disappointing since a large number of backorders involve the V2s. I guess the holiday rush has already begun. In fact, now less than a week later (10/10) they already state the next shipment is arriving 12/26. They sold through those quickly…

So the short story is, if you backorder a Pi V2 at this point, I probably won’t be able to get it in before Christmas due to supplier issues.

SainSmart kits: I placed an order for the first 100 kits and ethernet shields on September 14. These will go to the website backorders first. I finally was able to get an email back that SainSmart had my shipping address, though I finally had to contact their customer service department. They told me they would be shipping these out but haven’t sent a confirmation number. So I can’t be certain of their arrival date yet.

Other backordered items: the next set of screens should arrive Monday or Tuesday. There are several other items that were missing from stock and have been ordered, or customers contacted about substitutions. The PiBow Camera mods, I need to confirm the screw length for the added pieces and order the screws. The Arc Reactor kits need to be assembled. I finally received more relays for the Gadgetcat Intro to Arduino kits, and other parts, and can start packing those up. The PiTFT case needs to be modified for the new larger screens.

People who haven’t received their store credit codes yet: I was focusing on shipping the existing orders first. Also there were -some- items that have been restocked and I should get those listed before sending new credit vouchers. Then the new credit people can have a chance at these items.

IF YOU NEED SOMETHING ON A SPECIFIC TIME FRAME, PLEASE CONTACT US! due to the backlog, that will be your best way to ensure it will arrive when you need it, or that you can make other arrangements.

So that’s the current status.

Here’s a picture of the new baby. She is napping while I write this using my phone. Found an efficient way to get something written while keeping her happy!


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  1. Glad to see the baby is well and so are you. Thank you for the prompt fulfillment. Best of luck to you getting caught up.

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