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below 100 backorders!

Making progress – finally below 100 backorders!! The baby is now sleeping through the night finally. This has given some time to catch up. I’ve shipped out over 700 store credit orders. The total value of store credits I have shipped so far is $49,415.51. Not counting the shipping expenses which average $12-$25 each for orders outside the US.  As a reminder, this is money and inventory that is coming out of my own pocket. I was never connected with the original campaign and never saw any of that money. I volunteered to help with this because I thought I could produce the boards but the timing was extremely bad and the engineering help for getting them produced fell through. Since I had already announced I’d help before this problem occurred, I was committed and tried to figure out creative ways to solve the problem including the store credit option.

Making progress at getting costs under control here. I closed both offices at the end of February, sold off some of the manufacturing equipment, and will be in a cheaper apartment by the end of the month. I am trying to do a part time job now, it is still pretty new and we will see how it goes.

Regarding specific order items – if your order does NOT contain a backordered item, it -should- be shipped out within the next 2 weeks.

Backordered items include lasercut cases, arc reactor kit, raspberry pi V2, or sainsmart kits. Arc reactor kits and lasercut cases should go out by the end of the month. I have been intermittently sending out SainSmart backorders, for the most part they have been oldest order first. You will know when your SainSmart order is sent out, because I will forward the order confirmation, and the shipping confirmation, to your order email address.

There are still some people who ordered a PiTFT lasercut case with the A-2441 screen – it DOES NOT FIT THE 2441 screen. It is for the 1601 screen. I haven’t designed a case for the 2441 screen yet. No ETA on that design, if ever. If you ordered a 2441 screen with a 1601-PiTFT lasercut case, I will move on to the orders that can be filled and your order will move to the back of the queue, to be dealt with later.