Club-pricing items!

These items have special “club” discounts. If you are an active member of a hackerspace or makerspace, this applies to you! Our experience with our local hackerspace was, people would visit and say, “This place is awesome! How can we have one too? What tools do we need? What kind of building?” However, we felt these were the wrong questions. The tools/supplies/space are great, but we felt the most important driver for exceptional learning is the community itself. Build a great community, and the members will encourage each other to become great. Hackerspaces/Makerspaces/clubs help provide community encouragement and support for learning.  We want to help encourage that! As a distributor, how we can help is by sourcing products. We feel this is a way we can help both individuals (by encouraging membership and lowering the cost barrier to building things) and clubs (by providing benefits for their members)! Because these prices are below retail, distribution agreements disallow us from advertising them. You must contact Gadgetcat with verification of your club membership. Then we will change your account so you can see the club pricing when you log in.  We even figured out a way to show it without your having to put stuff in your cart. We’re learning too! [product_category category=”club”]

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