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How to get the PiTFT screen to work for your Raspberry Pi

The Adafruit PiTFT screen is a handy touchscreen that plugs directly into your Raspberry Pi.  With a case that holds the screen, and a wireless keyboard, you can turn the Raspberry Pi into a tiny touchscreen computer!

We wanted to make it as easy as Pi to get started 🙂  The easiest way is to just use SD card with Linux and the screen drivers pre-configured. Plug in the card, and it just runs. Like a laptop.

So, we made a downloadable image file that you can copy onto your own SD card. Or, skip the download and get an SD card with the files pre-installed.

Step 1: Get an SD card that has 4GB or more of memory (note: all old files on this card will be erased)

Step 2: Download the SD card image file

Step 3: Install the image file on your SD card.

Step 4: Remove the SD card and place it in your Raspberry Pi with PiTFT screen

Now you’re ready to go!



2 thoughts on “How to get the PiTFT screen to work for your Raspberry Pi

  1. The pdf on how to put the case together is missing. Can you send it to me


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