3.5″ Lasercut SuperHero PowerPlant (Arc Reactor Kit) from Adafruit (GC-ARC01-04)


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This is a complete kit to make the Lasercut Arc Reactor, in the larger 3.5″ size.

This is an open-source design, you are compensating for the materials and labor.

This is a bit larger than the original size posted on Adafruit’s website, because the original was designed for the original NeoPixel ring. We developed this larger size in response to the larger 24 LED NeoPixel ring that is now available.

Here is a link to the tutorial. http://learn.adafruit.com/superhero-power-plant The detailed instructions can be found there.

Note: some pictures show the assembled 2.5″ kit. The 3.5″ ring is larger.

This kit includes:


NOTE: You will need:

Good luck and if you have any questions the internets can’t answer, email us!


harmonization code: 8479.89.900

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