Modified Raspberry Pi Box for PiTFT Touchscreen (GC-8387)


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  • Case for Original Raspberry Pi B with original 320x240px PiTFT screen
  • Open source, download the Adobe Illustrator format file here.
  • Or, save yourself time and effort and buy it from us and we’ll cut it, make sure it fits together well and ship it to you. The tolerances are pretty tight on this and we’ve found different batches of acrylic sometimes require adjustments to the file.
  • We can customize the case for you, with your name or an image. Contact us for a quote. Simple raster images that are already black&white, can be added at no charge.
  • PDF of assembly instructions here

Have you ever wanted to be set up your Raspberry Pi with a touchscreen in the same enclosure? We sure have! This acrylic case is a solution to that problem. Designed to accommodate the PiTFT TFT+Touchscreen, we’ve managed to sandwich the display in between three pieces of acrylic, keeping it square to the case as well as safely contained to avoid nasty accidents. Based on Adafruit’s Raspberry Pi Box, we’ve modified the design to closely contain your Raspberry Pi while maintaining its ease of use.

The case also includes two header spacers, which allow the TFT Circuit Board to sit on the Raspberry Pi Board while and clearing its USB ports. Only one spacer is needed, but the more the merrier! The spacer can be placed either:

1) On the stacking header in between the Touchscreen Circuit Board and the stacking header as seen in the supplied pictures or…

2) On the Raspberry Pi header pins, sitting in between stacking headers (soldered to the TFT Touchscreen) and the Raspberry Pi, also seen in the supplied pictures.

Having trouble getting the case put together? Look no further! You can find a PDF detailing assembly instructions right here!

If you’re having trouble setting up your Raspberry Pi to use the PiTFT Screen or would rather avoid the hassle of setting it up yourself, you can flash our pre-configured Raspbian to your SD Card! The image file below has already been configured to use the PiTFT Touchscreen, so just follow the instructions for your operating system and you’ll have your screen operational in no time at all!




Loc: 5C-2

Harmonization: 3923.10.00

Additional information

Weight 2.8 oz
Dimensions 4.3 × 2.8 × 0.8 in


  1. Michael (verified owner)

    Just assembled my case. It is nicely built and etched.
    2 issues—
    The top two slots on part 5, the HDMI side panel are too small for the tabs on the Top part 4. I had to slightly enlarge them with a file to get a fit.
    Secondly I used one of the spacers supplied between the pins on the TFT board and the Pi but do not know what the second one is for.

    • Brooks Zurn

      Thanks for the update, we’ll check that. Different batches of acrylic have slightly different thicknesses, which probably caused the tight fit. We keep narrow tolerances to ensure the parts fit securely, but sometimes it’s just a tad on the tight side.

      The second spacer is a spare. You can keep it as a backup, or discard it. Or add it to your extra bits drawer since it’s sized for .1″ header pins. Kinda fitting for a DIY kit that you end up with an extra part LOL

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