Raspberry Pi 3 Box for PiTFT 480×320 Touchscreen (GC-8597-03)

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  • Case for Raspberry Pi 3 and screen
  • Works for the LARGER NEW Adafruit 480×320 pixel touchscreen PiTFT touchscreen Adafruit 2441
  • Sandwiches the screen securely onto the Pi
  • A little shorter than the case for the 320×240, because Adafruit build tabs into the PCB and we use those to hold it in place, and need one less layer of plastic.
  • This new revision, leaves openings in case you solder buttons onto the screen unit
  • Open source. Download the AI file here and lasercut it yourself.
  • Or, save yourself time and effort and buy it from us and we’ll cut it, make sure it fits together well and ship it to you. The tolerances are pretty tight on this and we’ve found different batches of acrylic sometimes require adjustments to the file.
  • We can customize the case for you, with your name or an image. Contact us for a quote. Simple raster images that are already black&white, can be added at no charge.
  • Click here for assembly manual

Pi 3 and screen NOT INCLUDED.

The long version:

Have you ever wanted to be set up your Raspberry Pi with a touchscreen in the same enclosure? We sure have! This acrylic case is a solution to that problem. Designed to accommodate the PiTFT TFT+Touchscreen, we’ve managed to sandwich the display in between three pieces of acrylic, keeping it square to the case as well as safely contained to avoid nasty accidents. Based on Adafruit’s Raspberry Pi Box, we’ve modified the design to closely contain your Raspberry Pi while maintaining its ease of use.

Old PDF with assembly details: PDF detailing assembly instructions

We have a pre-configured Raspbian file, however it was made for the Original Pi and the smaller 320×240 touchscreen. We haven’t tested it with the Pi 3 or the new screen.



Harmonization: 3923.10.00

Additional information

Weight 2.8 oz
Dimensions 4.3 × 2.8 × 0.8 in


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