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Remaining Sainsmart orders have been placed

All the remaining backorders for SainSmart kits through our website, have been placed. There are a couple orders that just had ethernet shields, those are coming from here. But the rest of the kits will drop ship from China. I suspect it will take a week or two for Sainsmart to get these shipped out, it was 53 orders.

Once these all ship, we’ll be down below 50 backorders. The remaining items, most are waiting for Raspberry Pis and/or lasercut stuff. We moved from Orlando last month, and it’s taken us awhile to get settled in. The laser isn’t set up yet, but should be soon.

Our future directions for Gadgetcat – at this time we are running operations from home. It doesn’t appear that we will be able to support ourselves from this so we are putting it on the back burner. Our current plan is drastically cut back our inventory of electronic parts. Probably we will liquidate a number through Amazon, and later, possibly eBay.

We -will- continue to offer custom laser-cut items (such as the dollhouse windows which we mostly sell through Etsy) and possibly a few kits. Items that are custom-designed in house. We’ve wanted to do some wearable electronics kits for years, and paring down our operations should give us more free time. We will see.