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Shipping & stocking updates

Restocking/Backordering items

Stuff is clearing out quickly, which is good news for us. We are starting to get an idea of what we should be restocking, so we can focus our direction for the future.

  • The first new item we are going to allow backorders for, is the Raspberry Pi V2. This has been pretty popular and often requested, so we’re going to add it to our regular lineup.
  • We are also going to start allowing backorders for the original PiTFT screen. This has been a very popular product from the beginning, and we also carry some accessory cases for it that we manufacture in-house.
  • I noticed Adafruit is now making a larger touchscreen that is set up to fit the Pi V2. We’re going to get a starter stock of these, and allow backorders. We’ll eventually design a case for this screen too, but will wait to take orders for the case until we make and test it.
  • As before, backorders are allowed for certain items we produce in-house, which currently are mostly laser-cut acrylic cases, and some hobby kits.

Shipping Progress

As can be expected, shipping is getting a little backed up. Mainly from packing orders up. If it says it’s in stock, we do have your item on hand (unless we contact you directly because of a misplaced item – the bane of my existence). So, once you place an order, it will get packed up and shipped out eventually.

The other shipping issue that has come up, we’ve discovered that our labels’ tracking barcodes are not scanning reliably at the post office. This bothers us, especially for international packages. We want to know where your packages are, and we’re sure you want to know too.

So, we have ordered a fancy new shipping label printer which should arrive on Saturday. I was just looking for an excuse to get one, these printers are really great. Setup for the printer should go smoothly because I already set one of these up for my other job at my dad’s company (Florida Research Instruments, which by the way, sells supplies for DIY brain sensors, in case you have an OpenBCI system and you’re looking for electrodes, headbands, etc.).

We will continue packing orders, but won’t ship until the new label maker arrives in a couple days. Fortunately, printing the labels is the fast part. So once the label printer arrives, we should catch up. I’ll post another update when that is accomplished.

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