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Some improvement

The financial situation is slightly improved. I closed both of my offices in Melbourne and Longwood to contain costs and reduce the amount of driving I had to do. It often took me 40 minutes to drive to the Longwood office. I also sold the large laser cutter and one of the 3D printers. Now I’m down to a manageable amount of equipment. Getting the office set up in the new location (home). Much more manageable commute. Also now that the baby is 4 months old, she tolerates a sling and carrier better, which makes it a little easier to get things done.

FYI. If you have a store credit order, the -fastest- way you will receive your order is if you select items that are in stock. Stuff I have to buy (backorder) requires cash and laser stuff requires time to cut and assemble. If you are in a hurry to be done, your best bet is to pick stuff that is easy to pack and ship. Information to help me help you.

Also the Sain Smart kits I am now drop shipping from China. I’ve heard reports they’ve taken 3 months to arrive, after ordering. Ugh. There’s not much I can do about that. SainSmart sends me a tracking number when they ship, and I forward that tracking number on to the customer. When I ordered them directly myself, the shipping time wasn’t much better and for some orders it cost me as much as $25 to reship them. The savings on the shipping were much higher than the bulk discount SainSmart was giving me.

If you ordered a kit with other items, I will separate it and send the other items separately.

Since I don’t have any exciting product photos, I’ll attach a picture of my baby’s new tooth. It’s hard to see but it’s out! So sharp.


Well, I guess I do have a work picture to post. Here is a calibration cube I printed with one printer. Of course after it printed that it stopped working again. Oh well. It’s a good printer but no printer is going to handle well, the moving that I’ve been doing.




2 thoughts on “Some improvement

  1. I ordered, but only found out the items were backordered when I went back and looked after not getting any shipping notification.
    Could you give me a list of what is in stock, let me cancel my order, and use my code for credit again?

    1. whatever the website says is in stock, should be in stock. If there is a stock error I’ll contact you about a solution.

      I cancelled your current order and restored your credit code.

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