Wedding Dress of the Future

Brooks’ Wedding Dress of the Future was featured in several presentations – Melrose Center in the Orlando Public Library, and on Fox35 Orlando news, 5/24/2014.

The dress uses Lilypad SimpleSnap controller and protoboard to control fiber-optic flower centers, and & Neopixels to illuminate the flowers. The dress is illuminated by 1W LEDs, with a heatsink to help distribute the heat generated.  The LEDs are powered by a LED driver circuit and a 24V power supply. 1A is sufficient to power the LEDs as they are connected in series.

The bodice of the dress is covered with fiber optic fabric produced by SensingTex of Spain, and imported/distributed by Gadgetcat. A 1W LED was used to illuminate the fabric so it could be seen in the daytime.

The center flower on the bodice is controlled by an Adafruit Gemma. Fiber optic strands are glued into Swarovski crystals, and onto Lilypad LED micros. Powered by a LiPo battery.

bodice-fiber-optic-fabric dress-front flowers-01 flowers-02 flowers-03 flowers-05 flowers-04

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  1. […] The Wedding Dress of the Future is as beautiful as it is bright, which utilizes a Lilypad Arduino SimpleSnap controller and protoboard (a small sewable computer) to control the fiber-optic flower centers. The flowers are lit by Neopixels, a product by Adafruit, which are LED lights that come in sewable form. […]

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