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  • Laser engraving (you provide mug)

    Laser-engraving of customer-supplied powdercoated mugs. Mug MUST BE APPROVED BY STAFF, so we can ensure the quality of the output. Area for engraving is up to 4″ by 4″ for 30″ mugs. Maximum size of engravable area depends on your mug. Multiple engravings on a single mug (e.g. front and back engravings) count as separate […]

    $3.00$10.00 Select options

  • Mirrored Keychain with Ring, bulk quantities

    This is a lovely professional keychain. 1/4″ acrylic with a mirrored pattern. Includes ring. Max size: 2.75″ by 1.75″ or equivalent. Contact us to set up custom art!

    $100.00$350.00 Select options

  • New: Rotary Engraver for glasses, mugs etc.

    Finally got another rotary engraver (the old one we sold with the old laser last ...

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